edition zero


This edition will be held in the Pyrenees, straddling France and Spain.

The departure and arrival will be in Gavarnie.

The itinerary will circumnavigate the cirque de Gavarnie in the Pyrenean National Park, a 1997 Unesco world heritage site, within the Pyrenees-Mont Perdu range.

One of the key landmarks of the course will be the Brèche de Roland, a place charged with historical importance, an ancient trading route across borders.
The ‘Brèche’ is a natural gap of 40 meters wide and 100 meters high opening into the cliffs above the cirque de Gavarnie, it is a mountain pass. At 2,807 meters, this natural gateway delineates the border between Spain and France.

According to legend, the Brèche was opened by Roland, Charlemagne’s nephew, as he attempted to destroy his sword Durandal by striking it against the rock at the end of the Battle of Roncevaux.

Given the long and committed character of the course, with more than 2,500 meters of vertical elevation, the participants must be committed practitioners of ski mountaineering. Numbers will be limited for this founding edition.