edition two


This cairn is the point where the borders of Finland, Norway and Sweden join together. It is in the middle of Lake Goldajärvi and forms the world’s smallest island divided by a border.

The tripoint is located over 300 km north of the Arctic circle, therefore the sun doesn’t set from May to August. This nightless period offers a unique opportunity to imagine an extended itinerary, traversing the 3 borders. The route will be accomplished in 2 days with a night of rest in the middle of Tamok mountains, at the legendary Tamok Huset.


Tuesday 08 May 2018 :

The arrival of the participants in Kilpisjärvi, Finland, at Lapland Hotels Kilpis. This comfortable hotel will be the base camp for the event (except for one night spent in Tamok). Presentation of the event and the route.  The enrolment fee includes accommodation with a full board for 5 days and nights at the hotel (bring personal snacks for ski days), the guided workshops, ski room facilities and sauna access with the mandatory dip in the frozen lake.

Wednesday 09 – Saturday 12 May 2018 : 

The program will be revealed and adapted according to the snow and weather conditions. The departure will be given when the conditions are ideal and the Sentinelles transported by local means to the 3-border cairn. The weather days will be completed by various activities allowing to discover the traditions of Lappish culture : ice fishing, fjell couloir skiing with skidoos and snowcats, workshops to improve mountain technics and rescue, reindeer spotting, local gastronomy and etc.

Sunday 13 May 2018 : 

End of the event and return